Press + Reviews – “Originally from Massachusetts, Thomas Garwood was working in a brewery and playing music with buddies when one of them introduced him to his future wife, Ashlee House, a Utahn. Garwood moved to The Beehive, and the two married a little over three years ago. Sharing a love for specialty drinks, Garwood and House began experimenting with ginger beer recipes until they found the perfect one. And while ginger beer itself is nothing new in Utah, their use of real and organic juice is uncommon.

They saw a potential business venture and came up with a business plan last fall and started Garwood’s Ginger Beer.

Originally receiving feedback only from friends, Garwood recently participated at the US Bartender’s Guild, where the couple had their first opportunity to share the drink with more people. Receiving only positive comments, Garwood and House are now expanding their small business to something greater. Garwood has been discussing the product with several small stores in the Salt Lake area, but he’s hoping to have the ginger beer in larger chain stores down the road. Before that happens, the couple wants to sell their drinks to local bars, restaurants and cafes.”   Read more here. – “Ginger beers are almost always engineered to be enjoyed with alcohol and for that reason, they almost always taste better with alcohol. I think this is the first ginger beer I’ve had that I would say is better on its own. The ginger, lemon and lime juices work perfectly together to form a refreshing citrus elixir. To me, this is like a ginger-infused lemonade with some notes of lime. Now this is a little skunky, something unusual in ginger beers, but that’s really an aside. Some may disagree, but I think it adds to the flavor. All three main juices stand out in a unique way in the flavor profile. The lemon is refreshing and full of citrus that forms the base of each sip. The lime is brief but adds a burst of tart, bold flavor. And the ginger tastes so fresh and zesty that it’s almost impossible not to be impressed. This won’t make your eyes water with heat, but you will cry if you don’t try one. This is like when a hot hipster girl transfers to your college in po-dunk nowhere and you realize you’ll be making a lifestyle change.” Read more here.

Slug Magazinegarwoods-slugmag – “Thomas Garwood and Ashlee House Kickstarted the market in Salt Lake for fresh, organic ginger beer in early 2015, and have been the valley’s sole local supplier of the gingery, effervescent beverage ever since. Garwood’s flagship ginger beer is a mouthwatering concoction—made from a potent amount of fresh ginger, citrus, organic cane sugar and filtered water, it’s sharp and spicy with a hint of lemon-drop sweetness. Though Garwood’s is non-alcoholic, fair warning to those not used to raw, fresh-pressed ginger—it packs a potent bite.” Read more here.

Salt Lake Tribune – “Here are 5 thirst quenchers at the Salt Lake City Downtown Farmer’s Market”